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Course Aims

This course aims to provide an overview of the UK legal system and of key health and safety legislation and regulation relevant to the practice of occupational hygiene. It outlines the role of approved codes of practice and guidance notes and how health and safety legislation is enforced in the UK. The course also puts UK health and safety legislation in the context of the requirements of EU Directives. This course does not aim to provide detailed knowledge of specific UK Regulations.

NOTE: Your knowledge of UK OSH legislation will be assessed during your Oral examination. This course provides the level of knowledge required to meet that requirement.

Course Learning Outcomes

On completing this course successfully the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of the operation of the UK legislative system
  • Describe the principal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how health and safety legislation is enforced in the UK
  • Describe the role of supporting documentation in UK health and safety legislation
  • Describe the key requirements of the main health and safety Regulations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between EU Directives and UK health and safety legislation

Overall Objective

To provide the background knowledge, skills and behaviours required to operate and monitor the quality of the online exam services by understanding the work procedures. Participants who pass the end point quiz will be eligible to be added to the BOHS invigilator register. 

Research led, this module will provide Training providers with the knowledge of how to effectively plan, deliver and evaluate an online training course. This module is ideal for anyone who is responsible for the continued development of an online training course or anyone who is looking to set up and establish an online training course.